Emile Bok from Taiko Audio writes: "While developing our own software playback environment (TAS), we found a way to "immunize" the Extreme to processing activity taking place on the "core" part of playback software. This applies not only to TAS, but also to other playback software employing a server / endpoint architecture like Roon. We have tested this on a few different Roon builds, several TAS iterations and they all perform nearly identical from a sound quality perspective."

"Christoph is setting up a scheduler application right now in order to update all Extremes, starting today with people employing copper networking while I will work on ironing out the last details for those using fiber networking. Christoph will post details on the procedure shortly.

I will leave sound quality descriptions to our active user base on this forum and just comment that in my own personal view, this fully restores what you were accustomed to be getting from the Extreme, with a cherry on top.

Development on TAS will continue as scheduled with a brief delay as me, Edward and Christoph will be allocating all our currently available time to implement this latest change.

In case you are wondering why we are continuing development on TAS I'll supply a list of reasons:

1) It allows us to explore the relationship between code and perceived sound quality and discover new ways to improve it.
2) It will provide more software playback functionality like alternative music browsing modes and support for more streaming / metadata / music discovery service providers.
3) Support for alternative streaming protocols, like UPNP, Openhome, LMS, Chromecast, Airplay.
3) Added functionality like a customer support system by means of a click on a button.
4) Integrated functionality for applying software updates yourself.
5) Removing the need to purchase a Roon lifetime subscription to be able to use the Extreme.
6) Being able to provide a different perspective on sound quality.