Warwick Acoustics is proud to present the 'World reveal’ and launch of the (US$35,000) ‘Limited Edition 24 kt GOLD APERIO’. "Revealed for the first time this weekend at the 'Chengdu International Headphone Expo', China, the 'Limited Edition GOLD APERIO' is truly a stunning looking masterpiece created for those who prefer beauty in the extreme! The Limited Edition GOLD APERIO reference headphone system delivers the highest level of audio performance achievable, by means of our proprietary planar electrostatic technology."

"It has been created for the discerning music enthusiast seeking the most unforgettable and remarkable listening experience delivered in a one of kind, eye-catching, headphone system. The headphone grilles, hardware, and Amplifier front panel have all been custom hand-finished in 99.9999% pure 24 Karat Gold. Each Gold APERIO also bears a unique individually numbered ‘Limited Edition’ nameplate that sits on top of the Amplifier.

It is plated and hand-finished in the United Kingdom’s historic ‘Jewellery Quarter‘, Birmingham, which has been described by English Heritage as ‘a national treasure’. In addition to the stunning GOLD finish, the system uses the highest grade and closest matched BD-HPEL transducers, delivering the very best performance of any APERIO System.

Other exclusive custom finish options will be available very soon."