Our friend Timothy from 13Audio shares some most precious and ultra rare Western Electric horn speakers drawings... "This is a true feast for the mind... Did Western Electric have blueprints and precise building instructions for the numerous horns they designed, tested, modified, and finally ticked off for production and installation ? Well, I’ve heard individuals claim they just didn’t. Really? Just a glance at the wonderful book written by my good friends Bjørn Kolbrek and Thomas Dunker should be enough to challenge that kind of idea."

"Maybe this belief is fueled by the simple fact that they are rare. I mean, think, super rare ! Think, work documents used in woodworking shops almost a century ago! Where did they go? I have the answer : my workshop.

Here’s a glimpse. All original blueprints, build details, description of materials, finishes, etc….I use these for my builds.

So, one can understand that this is the very reason why I can claim that the horns I craft are true to the original design, drawings and build. 

All fun…