Wilson Audio The Pedestal™ is Wilson Audio's Special Application Engineering (WASAE) division's all-new isolation foot. The Pedestal reduces musically destructive vibrations in components with unparalleled efficiency. Its small bottom element partially absorbs vibrations traveling from the surface underneath the piece of equipment. The damping material inside of the Pedestal-"V-Material"-provides the next step in vibration reduction. V-Material, along with a proprietary viscous damping material inside the Pedestal, acts as a spring to minimize, absorb, and dissipate the vibrations into heat. Where other manufacturers use low-grade, inexpensive magnetic steel in their isolation pods, the Pedestal uses austenitic (nonmagnetic) stainless steel, which exhibits superior vibration-mitigating characteristics and effectively eliminates undesirable electronic interactions with components caused by magnetizable steel. When weight is applied to the Pedestal, the internal V-Material element, along with the other critical components within the housing, is decoupled from the stainless steel exterior. 

From the reverse direction, from the component on down, any vibrations caused by environmental factors or from the audio system itself, travel into the top pad of the Pedestal, where they are absorbed. The Pedestal-WASAE's solution for near-absolute vibration isolation.

(NOTE: Not for use under Loudspeakers)