Here is an interesting article about Alsyvox distributors around the world and their comments on why they took the distributions and what makes these unique speakers so special and different. Starting with EI-Group... El-group, a strange name for an unlikely story gets its name from a more than 30 years which involves raising the art of music! I proudly represent the Alsyvox which is the heritage of absolute performance that all music lovers need to hear ........ . This wonderful magical natural sound changed my life when I heard them for the first time in Munich in 2017! I also represent Combak company from Japan that all of their products are so unique and mandatory to any system !

PM Audio AS – established in 1997 ( 23 years )::
Distributor for AlsyVox in all Nordic countries but can supply other countries too
Distributor for Sutherland Engineering ( phono stages ) in all Nordic countries
Norwegian distributor for CODA Technologies ( amplifiers ), Metronome/Kalista ( digital source )
Norwegian distributor for Gold Note and Scheu Analog turntables and phono cartridges
To bind these brands/products perfectly together we use our own manufactured cable brand – Black Magic Cables
So – PM Audio are also a 23 year old cable manufacturer with the brand name: Black Magic Cables

These brands together have fullfiled my many years of musical dreams – and was fully accomplished from the moment we got AlsyVox speakers into the system.

Since 1997 I have been building on a brick wall for real natural sound and a true and honest musical presentation and the last brick in that wall was put into place in 2019 – when AlsyVox full range ribbon speakers came along.

When I say «full range» - it is «full range». And when I say «natural» - it is «natural»
I allow myself to be quite clear on these things, based on my long life as a musician.

TTC ( Total Tonal Coherence )
Paul Mortensen 
PM Audio AS

Rhapsody.Audio is a high-end audio retailer which is located in lower midtown Manhattan and has been in the same location since 2001. 

Rhapsody.Audio provides unique and special speaker offerings from Alsyvox, Bayz, Diesis and Magico.

To compliment Rhapsody.Audio’s speaker offerings, electronic components and systems from Kondo, Pilium, Constellation, Jadis, AVM, Devialet and Diesis are also demonstrated, sold and installed.

Rhapsody.Audio also provides source components from Taiko Audio (Extreme Server), VYGER, Kondo and Techdas Turntables.

Rhapsody.Audio offers complete system installations, calibrations and long term support and regularly works with the clients designer, consultant and architect.

Taiko Audio is a high-end audio manufacturer which is located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Since 2015 Taiko Audio has focused on developing and building Music Servers.  The third generation Music Server named SGM Extreme, is the acknowledged leader in computer based music servers.

Alsyvox speakers play a key role in Taiko Audio’s state of the art listening space and playback system which is mission critical for Taiko Audio’s development of hardware and software.  The development process requires that each component is tuned and optimized by ear.  The sonic resolution and transparency which the Alsyvox transducers deliver has enabled Taiko to develop new components more accurately and faster than ever before.

Taiko’s enthusiasm for the sonic performance of Alsyvox line has motivated Taiko to become the Alysvox exclusive distributor for Holland (and dealer in countries not covered by other distributors).  It gives Emile Bok, the founder and owner of Taiko, great pleasure each time a prospective Alysvox buyer visits Taiko’s listening room to audition Alsyvox speakers.

Taiko provides full installation, setup and after sales support and will also advise on room layout and treatments.

Audio System in Slovenia supplied by KAT distribution* for customer  based around AlsyVox Botticelli loudspeakers.

Source:                         * Kuzma XL DC/4Point 14 inch/CAR60, Benz Micro LP-S MR; 
Phono:                          *Zanden 1200 Mk3; 
Tuner:                           *Magnum Dynalab MD-108T Signature; 
Line Stage:                   *Zanden 3000 Mk2; 
Power amp:                  *conrad-johnson ART monos; 
Speakers:                     *AlsyVox Botticelli; 
Grounding:                     Tripoint Troy Elite NG/Emperor mk2;  
Interconnects:               *Cardas Clear Beyond; 
Speaker cables:             *Cardas Clear Beyond; 
Power cords:                 *Cardas Clear Beyond; 
Stands:                           *Finite Elemente Master Reference & Master Reference Heavy Duty; 
Power Strip:                  * Cardas Nautilus; 
Acoustics treatment:       Svan√• Milj√∂teknik (SMT);  ( 7x4x2,7 m )

June 8th 2020

PHPAUDIO is a French company dedicated to high-end audio, located near Switzerland. Our goal is to offer edge quality sound for music lovers who want outstanding products which convey music emotion at home.

We are exclusive dealer for France, Switzerland and Luxemburg of ALSYVOX planar speakers, TENOR AUDIO ultimate hybrid electronics and PRANAWIRE ultimate cables, selected for their musical performance, but also reliability and value. We will offer soon a new brand in digital and a rack that conveys first rate performance in a fine design style, due to a long experience as an engineer and mechanical vibrations teacher in a French university.

Our customers are music lovers that want truly lifelike sound but also great service: installation, room tuning, custom made to order finish or specifications and perfect after sale service. 

Room system

ALSYVOX Botticelli true ribbon planar speakers
TENOR AUDIO 175S haute-puissance, dual mono hybrid reference amplifier, Silent Source Reference power cable high-current
PRANAWIRE AVATAR II reference speaker cable
PRANAWIRE COSMOS 2 digital cable
STAHL-TEK VEKIAN CDT drive upgraded, Silent Source Reference power cable
WALKER AUDIO Velocitor III passive power conditioner, upgraded
Accessories: Telos, Essence of music, Vicoustic room treatment, Walker Talisman, Fim isolators, Harmonix RF999 MT, Shun Mook Mpingo, WA antennae, cones and discs, and many more.

On request products: 

HANSS ACOUSTIC analog, MODULUM amplifier stands, and more.

Walker Audio, Silent Source cables and Bricasti Design were PHPAUDIO products until 2019.

Phone : +33 689808283
Address : 8 rue des Lilas 25490 Dampierre Les Bois - France

Formed 2011
Manufactures represented:

            Alsyvox – Speakers
            Silent Running Audio – Equipment Racks / Stands
            Purist Audio Design – Cables
            Dynavector - Phono Cartridges
            Kuzma - Turntables
            Vitus Audio – Electronics
            Coming Soon - Music Server / DAC
Located in Southern California, we are passionate to represent musical reproduction equipment that brings to life the music experience.  We specialize in turntable setup, room optimization and personalized service.

Located in Melbourne, Australia and serving the South East Asian region, Nirvana Sound are dedicated to representing the finest audio equipment to discerning music lovers. They love sharing their passion for great music and the equipment that brings it to life in a way that allows us to fully appreciate it. Their showrooms in Melbourne have become a favourite audiophile location for music nights & events where clients can experience a selection of high end systems and they also distribute their brands through a carefully selected network of specialist dealers. Nirvana Sound enjoy developing personal relationships with their clients and assisting them as their musical and sonic journey evolves. 
George Moraitis, Nirvana’s Director recently expressed “We search the world to find exceptional audio reproduction equipment that has the ability to give our clients an experience of ultimate musical enjoyment. We are delighted to have formed an association with Alsyvox, a brand that we fell in love within seconds of our first audition and we look forward to having them in our showrooms in the near future.”

Room system
Source: Pink Faun – Streamer 2.16x
DAC: Aries Cerat – Kassandra II SIG
Pre amp: Aries Cerat – Incito S
Power amp: Aries Cerat – Concero 65 Monoblock
Integrated amp: Aries Cerat – Genus(Elrog tubes)
Speaker: Alsyvox – Botticelli
Cables: HiendSolution
Platforms: Stacore – Basic, Basic +, Advanced
Rack: Codia Acoustics – Stage 3000R
Phone: +82 1038720808
Address: C-305, 119, Chungui-ro, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea