darTZeel Audio NHB-18NS preamplifier has just arrived directly from the company headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. darTZeel Audio is certainly one of the most sought-after high-end audio brands for many of the reasons. This unique, Swiss-made electronics offers a unique and very different approach to the ultimate audio. There is also no possibility of confusing the distinctive and luxurious esthetics of darTZeel Audio. There is something mysterious about the fine-brushed gold and red two-tone DarTZeel look, which creates an immediate feeling of appreciation. This is still the only high-end audio product that, together with the original CTH-8550, immediately sparked the admiration of my better half. 

There is no time to connect it to the system yet, but since the package just arrived, I could not hold back and unpacked it right away. Stay tuned for updates shortly. As always, here is the first photo set. I am excited. And how!