Stavros Danos of Aries Cerat writes: "Our Ianus Series amplifiers is a showcase of our unique TriodeFet technology. After years of developing and refining our technologies we are proud to introduce the TriodeFet technology, and our Series of amplifiers that implements this truly innovative technology. The Ianus Series is promising to offer a fourth and final answer to the tri-lemma of: Tube vs Solid State vs Hybrid battle. 

"Our technology is neither a hybrid topology (in the usual sense of a tube-driving-solid state stage type), nor a solid state-driving-tube kind of stage. Note: Usually a hybrid topology is implemented as either a tube voltage gain stage-driving a transistor output stage/current buffer, or in some cases, as a solid state voltage gain driving a tube power stage.

The TriodeFet is not a Hybrid technology but a rather new way of using hollow and solid state devices.

A bit of history.

We developed an early version of this technology back in 2012, and launched our first design using the TriodeFet - the Ianus monoblock. 

After 7 years of rethinking how we could further refine and retune the system, we developed the second generation of the TriodeFet technology."