To design and create beautiful and unique loudspeakers, Sculptured Sound looked to the past for inspiration. Classic form with a ‘retro’ modern twist should see this complex curved design fit right in with both modern and classic decor.  Named the  ($120,000) Stratosphere 57, these high-fidelity loudspeakers take inspirational design hints from the beautiful lines of classic motor-launches, the gorgeous sweeping curves of the Bugatti 57-SC (sports coupe) and world-famous and very collectable 1957 Fender Stratocaster guitar. 

As a qualified timber boat builder, a designer and fine cabinet/furniture maker, I had a great opportunity to build beautiful boats for two of the finest and arguably best-known creators of high-end British Audio in the late 80's and early 90's. This was a special privilege for me as I was also a well-seasoned hi-fi enthusiast. 


Introducing the new Stratosphere 57 loudspeakers. One could say, ‘where the complex art of boat-building and the science of speaker construction seamlessly come together.’

For a while I also ran a small cabinet making business and was contracted to manufacture loudspeaker cabinets for another well-known UK loudspeaker brand. I later sold this business and decided to move to Australia and follow my passion for yacht design and boat building. 

Whilst living in Australia I setup a boat building company where we specialised in classic and retro boat design and construction. Our unique motor launches (above) sold both nationally and internationally to a very discerning niche market. 

Many years later and after relocating to New Zealand, I decided to follow my hi-fi passion once again and in particular to design and build high fidelity loudspeakers. With traditional woodworking skills, a passion for sound quality and a love for modern/classic design, Sculptured Sound has set out to develop a very special loudspeaker. This loudspeaker had to be both unique and beautiful, and extremely musical.

With a combination of carefully selected materials, including sumptuous Italian leather, solid Ash timber and mirror polished stainless steel features, the Stratosphere 57's are truly sculptured works of art. Custom paint colours, leather and solid wood choices are optional.

With all the curves in the right places the cabinets are extremely rigid and strong and  reflects both classic and retro styling that will compliment any decor. 

Using some of the world's finest drivers the Stratosphere 57's doesn't just command great visual appeal, they also sound astonishing with holographic-like musical presentation and with the power and  ambience of a full symphony orchestra. You really can 'Feel the Music.'

What is sound quality

When a loudspeaker performs beautifully it makes your emotions bubble to the surface where you feel at one with the music. A beautiful sound experience is when your soul fills your body with adrenaline and your acute senses ‘by-pass’ your ears to go deep within the centre of your mind to where the real feelings of musical utopia lie. 

The Stratosphere 57’s has been created to offer this other worldly experience. The huge main and extremely efficient full-range drivers portray life-like music with pin-point accuracy and realism. Whether running a few ‘valve watts’ or a number of quality solid-state watts, these drivers will portray every last detail from the original recording and present it beautifully and respectfully, just as the artists intended it.

To take care of the all-important lower frequencies which gives music it’s realism, feeling and a third dimension, the Stratosphere 57's have been designed with their own separate and unique cabinet and driver configurations. Powered by an in-built 1000-watt amplifier, the bass is powerful, clean, detailed and accurate and most importantly blends in seamlessly with the main speakers to give the full musical spectrum and experience.

The all-new Stratosphere 57's are unique in many ways…


Main Drivers, (passive)

·  Full-range driver comprises of a centrally mounted 25mm (1”) high-frequency compression driver and a 381mm (16”) mid/low-frequency driver. Driven by huge Alnico Magnets
·  Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 20 kHz 
·  Minimum Impedance: 8 Ohms
·  Sensitivity: 104dB (2.83 V @ 1m) extremely efficient
·  Power Handling (continuous): 100 Watts
·  Driver Weight: 17.3kg (38lb) each  

Bass Drivers, (active)

·   Subwoofer drivers, two per cabinet. 236mm (10”)  
·  Frequency Response: 20 – 100Hz
·  Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
·  Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83 V @ 1m) 
·  Power Handling (short-term) 500 Watts
·  Power Handling (long-term) 250 Watts
·  Driver Weight: 10kg (22lb) each
Power Amplifiers

·  1000 Watt class-D amplifier (per side).  
·  Amplifier is built-in to rear of each bass cabinet and sonically isolated.


Height: 1620mm
Width: 890mm
Depth: 680mm
Weight: 142 kgs (313lb) per side