SPEC will launch in mid-September a new stereo power amplifier product "RPA-MG5ST". It will be made to order and the price will be 3,500,000 yen (excluding taxes). RPA-MG5ST is a two-part power amplifier with a separate amplifier and power supply. It is a stereo specification product that adopts the concept of the monaural power amplifier "RPA-MG1" with Class D operation. An oversized 800VA R-core transformer is used for the power supply. The powerful power supply = energy allows speakers to be driven at full capability.

In addition, a "pure direct system" combining an analog electronic attenuator and a class D analog PWM power stage provides a smooth and powerful output without loss of micro-signals.

Spec RPA-MG1 will allow choosing between two types of tones - "neutral" and "rich" - which is made possible by switching the resonance characteristics of the individual parts instead of the frequency characteristics. ..
Neutral MG5ST basic sound with a live-like tone and
a rich, pleasant, and refined tone.

As with other Spec products, a spruce wood panel is used to give both the output sound and appearance a beautiful sound, just like an instrument. The isolator is a hybrid type where hickory wood is embedded in maple wood.

Main specifications of RPA-MG5ST

  • Maximum power: 300W x 2 (4Ω), 150W x 2 (8Ω)
  • Frequency characteristics: 10Hz to 30kHz ±1db
  • Input terminal: 1 XLR input, 1 unbalanced RCA input
  • Power supply voltage: 100V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Dimensions: power supply W450×H180×D440mm
  • amplifier section W450 x H180 x D455mm
  • Weight: 27 kg power supply, 18 kg amplifier