Continuing the journey through the history of Rockport Technologies loudspeakers, we come to the year 2008 and the release of the ANKAA. The ANKAA loudspeaker ushered in a new series of high-performance loudspeakers utilizing variable section thickness, constrained layer damped MDF enclosures. It featured a custom Audiotechnology carbon fiber sandwich composite cone midrange driver, the venerable Scanspeak D 30 tweeter, and a 10 inch side-firing woofer. Like its siblings, the ANKAA maintained a minimal frontal profile through the side mounting of its 10 inch bass driver, affording an unobstructed view into the soundstage. 

The cabinet’s gracefully curved side panels and crowned top and front surfaces not only created an elegant form, but also endowed the enclosure with enormous stiffness and minimum resonant signature.