As there was a lot of interest in the recent article about German speakers here is more info about these quite rare coaxial speakers manufactured by Wolfgang Schulz of Elektroakustik - Mechanik Berlin (GDR). These two speakers with Alnico type permanent magnets were used in the recording studio and radio broadcasting. The coaxial type of driver delivers a point source sound, reproducing very accurate sound imaging. Many DDR (Eastern Germany) studios and radio stations used this speaker as a monitor speaker until the '80s. The crossover of the TH 315 studio speaker is tuned by Wolfgang Schulz at the requests of studio sound engineers, meaning it has a slight decrease in intensity in the 2 dB midrange frequency range compared to predecessor 148TH speaker. In addition, the TH 315 is also equipped with a protection relay against system overload.

Technical information of TH 315:

- Loudspeaker reference studio 2 coaxial lines
- Alnico magnet
- Weight 7.3 kg / 1 pcs
- Outside diameter 315 mm; Overall height 180 mm
- 300 mm conical diaphragm (with special felt insert for vibration-reducing sound)
- Tweeter 50 mm wide dome made of aluminum
- Internal integration is the passive crossover, cut off frequency 1700 Hz
- Frequency range: 30 Hz – 18.000Hz
- Handling nominal power 30 watts
- The nominal impedance of 15 ohms
- Sensitivity of about 84 dB / 1W / 1m
- Suggest reflex cabinet volume of 100 - 180

Although the original design of these speakers was a reflex cabinet our friend Le Kim Thach of KT Audio liked the sound of the open baffle speakers so he designed a back-open cabinet system made from plywood that is covered with a stylish walnut and bird-eye veneer.

Le Kim Thach is using them with KT Audio Orpheus 211 amplifier that gives the speakers a truly balanced sound, with lots of details, deep, solid and focused bass, transparent slightly reserved mids, and an airy, delicate higher spectrum.