Model V Statement Hi-Fi Equipment Rack ($4,800/level) embodies all six elements of SGR Audio’s isolation technology. The result is an equipment rack whose foundation is incredibly rigid and solidly coupled to the floor while supporting luxurious and highly effective shelves, ensuring both high and low frequency vibrational energy is quickly translated into heat before it can find its way back into the delicate signal path of your electromechanical components.

SGR Audio writes: "If you are serious about unlocking the full performance potential of your ultra-high-end turntable, optical disc transport or vacuum tube amplification, then our Model V Statement equipment rack is the unquestionably essential complement to your system."

Six Layers

Achieve an unrivalled level of intimate detail and musical precision with our ultimate package of vibration control and elimination. Absorptive quartz-filled posts and constrained-layer construction, along with support from the powerfully effective silicon isolator and cross-brace combination, join the superior resonance control of the Corian™ energy sink platforms to create the ultimate isolation solution. Eliminating vibrations to the highest degree, you’ll be enraptured by the inconceivable level of sonic clarity and purity.

Energy Sink Isolation Pads

Our exquisite CNC milled and veneered Corian™ stone pads provide a durable resonance control surface for your audio equipment.

Constrained Layer Damping

Energy absorption is amplified with the platform’s extruded polymer mat sandwiched between precision routed wooden composite layers.

Purpose Made Silicon Isolators

Flawlessly fabricated viscoelastic silicon-based isolators seamlessly dissipate unwanted energy, while their adjustable placement allows for any offset centre of gravity in your prized audio equipment.

Precision Machined Cross-braces

Our advanced cross-bracing system provides an exceptionally stable and rigid support for each platform to rest upon while isolation pads further reduce vibration distortion through the posts.

Crushed Quartz-Filled Posts

Adding optimum weight and rigidity, our crushed quartz-filled posts dampen unwanted frequencies.

Stabilising Steel Feet

Our spikes and optional ball-race levellers provide exceptional levelling and minimise interference from floor surface vibrations.

Model V Statement Dimensions:

Width: 68cm
Width (no cable hooks): 65cm
Depth: 53cm
Upright Diameter: 50mm
Internal Clearance: 55cm

Optional Upgrades:

Supercharge your Statement V with these outstanding upgrades.