Thrax Audio Yatrus with Lyra Kleos MC cartridge at Audio Atelier Singapore. Yatrus uses a maintenance-free drive system. No regular speed adjustments, belt changes, etc. are required. It is designed for perpetual operation. The use of a direct drive motor eliminates several sources of noise, such as belt knock and jitter, high-speed motor vibration, multiple bearings chatter, and so on. The result is an amazingly quiet drive system, mounted on an inert rigid body with a damped rigid coupling to the arm-board, which manifests itself as the most explosive dynamics and cleanest texture. The Yatrus is designed for use with a single 9-inch tonearm.

  • Unique vibration-free direct drive brushless DC motor with integrated bearing for the smoothest possible motion
  • Electronically controlled hyper stable speed for extremely steady motion
  • Multilayer platter with special damping for best record interface and vibration control
  • Fully integrated all in one piece - no external boxes and controls
  • Ultra low-resonance adjustable suspension system isolating the table from its environment
  • Support for all common speeds 33/45/78rpm
  • All anodised aluminium con- struction with constrained layer damping
Credit: Music by Jaime Valle - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes