Wolf von Langa writes: "Although the drive units are of most importance within a speaker design, we take great care of the design. Wherever the option Acoustic Bamboo is available we do offer ultra high gloss in addition now at a reasonable extra charge. The surface is lacquered 4 times and polished by hand. Extra smooth and optical extra deep, extremely nice."

For our current product line we only use acoustically suitable materials. These are organic glass (polymethyl methacrylate, colloquially PMMA), high-density CDF boards and aluminum. Our high-gloss surfaces offer an outstanding appearance, are compatible with drugs (non-toxic) and the surfaces are highly scratch-resistant.

In order to be able to offer you our speaker systems in wood design also, we were looking for a suitable material for years. Conventional wood materials are only partially suitable and are always only a compromise. A few months ago, we finally stumbled upon a suitable material, and after prototyping and testing, we can now offer you the look of wood. This bamboo design fits nicely into any interior. 

We only use acoustically suitable materials. organic glass (polymethyl methacrylate, colloquially PMMA), high-density CDF boards, aluminum, bamboo. The transformation of a hollow, irregular bamboo tube into a baffle material with acoustic suitability - how does that work?

With nearly 20 years of experience in the bamboo industry, our supplier has succeeded in perfecting this process down to the last detail.

After only 5 years, the tubes have hardened - they are ready for harvest. This is one of the prime ecological advantages beside the most important properties of the final product. After harvesting, the tube is sawn longitudinally into lamellas and the green outer bark is removed. After steaming, thermal treatment and subsequent drying, the fins are ready for further processing. In this case, thin strips are sawn and compressed under high pressure before gluing. Since the density of the material is greatly increased by this method, the final product is extremely tough and hard. The look of the material we purchase is also unique: with the flaming grain, it is reminiscent of wood, while the bamboo knots are shining through at the same time."