"Less conversion resulting in more music! Dutch audiophile record label TRPTK proudly announces a new digital music format: 32-bit Floating Point DXD. TRPTK is the first music label to do so. The 32-bit Floating Point DXD format has many advantages over current formats, such as an even lower noise floor, lower distortion, and virtually no digital artefacts. Using ultra-high-end microphones, custom-designed equipment and technologies, TRPTK has been recording all their albums at an astounding 352.8 kHz at 32 bits, 16 times the resolution of standard CD recordings. Whilst many recordings are done at 24-bit Fixed Point, a format with more dynamic range and sonic possibilities than the 16 bits a vintage Red Book CD offers, TRPTK records everything at 32-bit Floating Point. The reason behind this is – and always has been – a quest for total sonic immersion in music, giving the listener a sense of being there at a recording session, rather than looking onto it. From now on you can feel like being part of the original recording: the musicians made a seat reservation for you on stage."

The 32-bit Floating Point DXD format has many advantages. The dynamic range is significantly higher: an incredible 1.528 dB of dynamic range can be captured using the format. This makes 32-bit Floating Point DXD very useful for digital playback systems focused around a DAC or integrated amplifier as they almost always employ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in one way or another, such as volume control, equalization and even sample rate or format conversion. The 32-bit Floating Point DXD format ensures that no clipping or distortion occurs during the final stage of the conversion process. The other benefit to digital playback systems is that by offering a DAC its native format extra conversion is not necessary. The new format is more direct and …. the resulting music experience is astonishing realistic.

In short, 32-bit Floating Point DXD as introduced by TRPTK will make digital audio sound more analogue: digital audio without any of the artefacts usually associated with it. Less conversion resulting in more music!

TRPTK currently offers 22 albums on their website available as 32-bit Floating Point DXD downloads, in both classical and jazz genres. Check now.