The brand new EMT Tondose cartridges (Tondose Stereo: ca. CHF 2’000.00, Tondose Mono: ca. CHF 1’700.00 ) have just been launched under the direction of Micha Huber EMT Tontechnik (Thales). EMT was founded in 1940 and became famous by manufacturing professional turntables in Lahr, Germany. In 1965, EMT launched the famous MC cartridge TSD 15, which was produced in many ten-thousand pieces and used in broadcast studios all over the world. In 1974, the portfolio was widened for hi-fi listeners and in 2006, the JSD series was introduced. Since 2014, all EMT cartridges are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

"We at EMT are enthusiastic about music reproduction and we feel sure that analogue technology harmonizes best with the nature of music."

All pickups are built piece by piece in fine craftsmanship by our well educated team of watchmakers and assembling employees. Even if we are familiar with most modern designing and manufacturing equipment, personal experience in listening and manual skills are the real reason making our cartridges so precious and musical.

EMT started building cartridges in 1959 and launched the most famous TSD 15 in 1965. On the occasion of the 80 years EMT anniversary, we have carefully worked on a redesign in order to make this absolutely unique MC-cartridge ready for the next decades.

While the well-established generator remains unchanged, the body is created as a monobloc structure, milled from a solid block of magnesi-um. Thus both rigidity and resonance behaviour have been significantly improved.

The new TONDOSE is fully compatible with the previous TSD 15 regarding connectivity and weight. It is available as mono and stereo version with three different models for each type.

Besides the standard EMT tonearm-connection, we offer the option INT (Ortofon A compatible) and option X (for SME standard).

Furthermore, we manufacture 1/2 and 1/4 coil for lower impedance versions on request. As a novelty, the TONDOSE is available with silver coil as well.