Sven Boenicke writes: "Our new flagship, a homage to the 22nd Boenicke Audio company anniversary, is born, at least in digital form(at). All pictures are computer generated, we hope to present the first fully finished prototype later this year. The special technical feature, apart from all our unique tuning measures, which are taken to a whole new level here, is the fact that all three drivers are suspended via a proprietary mechanism and the speaker itself is placed on three newly designed rectangular swing base towers."

Efficiency in treble is up to 101 dB / 2.83 V, in the midrange around 95, and in bass and upper bass again around 96 – 100, depending on room gain. Minus 3 dB at around 33 Hz.

Drivers are custom made Supravox 28.5 cm with paper voice coil former, bronze phase plug and an Audax dome tweeter in a bronze half sphere.

W22 will be produced 6 times a year and will be sold to the most discerning individuals only.

There is no official price tag for the W22. Price will be individually determined in close contact with each potential customer.

Only one type of wood will be available, namely acetylated Accoya. It’s almost 100% dimensionally stable, which is more and more important the larger the dimensions of the solid wood enclosure gets.

There will be solid wood side panels options available per customer specifications.