New Italian high-end audio Collegia Opificum La Voce speakers from the DPeR line with patented technology we're just released and ready for production. Collegia Opificum writes: "This full range loudspeaker represents our ideal model. As for all our Collegia Opificum loudspeakers, their multilayer 3cm thick cabinet, was designed around the speaker. For this model we turned to SEAS, well-known high-end speaker drivers manufacturer. Starting from single-driver unit FA22RCZ, we followed the development of the mathematical model imposed by DPeR and by the electrical features of the transducer. The result was a generously sized loudspeaker, capable of conveying all nuances of sound for hours of relaxed listening."

"The Reflex RJ load, combined with our DpeR duct are able to convey a kind of space field and depth of the soundstage currently unknown to most competitors. The duct supports the speaker beyond the manufacture's specifications, showing remarkable low band capacity."