Le Kim Thach latest creation, the KT Audio 211P Orpheus - "Ορφεύς". In Greek mythology, there was a young man with a beautiful voice, Orpheus, son of King Oeagrus Thrace and goddess Muse Calliope of poetry, who was famous throughout the world. Orpheus not only has a unique voice but is also a musician, poet, and lyricist. It is said that the songs of Orpheus captivate all things and can also bewitch the gods. That is why KT -Audio has given its 211 amplifier series a favorable name, with the expectation that it will captivate many music lovers. Ορφεύς 211 is available in two versions; the 211P is the power amplifier (P = Power) and the 211 IT is the integrated (IT = Integrated). 

In the photos, you can see the Ορφεύς 211P power amplifier, optimized to operate at an output power of the only 6W to get the most out of the 5880 drivers of the GOTO Japanese system.