Some twelve years ago NAT announced first OTL and OCL - direct coupled hybrid integrated amplifier - Symbiosis! There is a time now to promote again totally new approach in hybrid amplification! The unit we called NAT Magneto. Magneto is an unique mono power (100W) hybrid amplifier made by NAT, based on scientific grade single gold plated FET and single nuvistor triode tube that operate in pure class A as pure single- ended!

Magneto represent true OTL (output transformer less) and true OCL (output capacitor less) monoblock power amplifier! There is no any capacitor on the signal path.There is only single input hand coiled nano - crystalline core transformer with bandwidth over 1MHz ! Ref. to mention facts Magneto is fully compatible with true balanced (XLR) or single - ended (RCA) type of operation!

The unit is unique as there is no input, no driver stage, only one single ultra power gold plated FET with one tube (best nuvistor triode tube type that is immune to external vibration - almost zero microphonic device)!

Together there is totally new - unique combination - NuFET (nuvistor-FET) that act as high current “triode” with very low distortion and excellent behavior ref. to speakers load ! Nuvistor triode tube that is connected in special manner between two electrode of the FET act as linearization device to the whole “system” (new device) - NuFET !

Main facts of Magneto:

- Unique device - High power single NuFET self amplification (single) stage amplifier
- One of (if not) the most compact in class (19"x19"x6.5")
- One of (if not) the most efficiency in class (250W of power consumption for 100W of pure single-ended class A)

Estimated price for the basic model should be 14.900 Euro/pair.

For SE version that included silver-OFC teflon isolated wire for input transformer as well as for the “gigantic” output inductor, price point should be increased for 3.900 Euro/pair.

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