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QLN is introducing the all new Prestige Five speakers. "An unprecedented 2.5-way, floor standing loudspeaker that further advances the highly acclaimed Prestige series. The Prestige 5 exemplifies a timeless combination of form, function and performance which is the by-product of over four decades of research and development in high performance loudspeaker design. The slanted front baffle provides perfect time alignment between the woofers and tweeter while the truncated pyramid cabinet design minimizes baffle area suppressing standing waves to create a palpable, holographic image.The cabinet construction is based around Qln’s unique Qboard® technology, where structural resonances are eliminated. For the Prestige Five a new 184mm mid-woofer was developed, featuring an under-hung magnet system where the voice coil is in the magnet gap continuously, resulting in a totally linear motor system. This together with the open basket allows for air flow without compression or turbulence producing greater micro detail while also lowering acoustic noise typically found in standard baskets."

The crossover in the Prestige Five is hardwired with non-inductive capacitors bypassed with copper film capacitors for the tweeter section. For the mid-woofer only flat foil inductors are used along with precision non inductive metal film resistors for high power handling and low noise, resulting in perfect timing within the crossover.

Internal cabling is QLN’s own proprietary design produced in Sweden.

Speaker terminals are WBT Nextgen® connectors with minimal connection materials made of silver/copper.

Every part of the speaker has one thing in common - non-resonant behaviour.

The Prestige Five presents a more dynamic and effortless sound with remarkable clarity. Nothing is added, just music.

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Retail price: 16.000€ Availability: September 2020.