Finally, here you will find more detailed information about the highly interesting new Japanese SOULNOTE P-3 preamplifier with a discrete Type- R non-feedback balance circuit without feedback and with double bearing and flywheel-like optical rotary encoder for volume control. P-3 will be launched in November at an approximate price of JPY 1,500,000 (excluding taxes). P-3 is the second product of the three series and features a custom RSR-2-12D ultra-low loss reference relay and new ultra-precision thin-film resistors that, in a unique circuit configuration, provide optimal gain to the power amplifiers without losing information and lifelines.

P-3 main features

  • ・The output line amplifier uses the "S-3" equipped discrete non-feedback balance "Type-R circuit" with full tuning for the preamplifier.
  • ・Equipped with a high-end fixed resistance switching type volume that has fully introduced ultra-precision thin film resistance
  • ・Ultra-low loss custom relay "RSR-2-12D (reference soul note relay)" has been newly developed and adopted as the switching relay.
  • ・Uses a GND switching type input selector that eliminates GND loops and noise contamination
  • -Twin monaural construction that uses two identical input/output terminal boards, circuit boards, power supply circuits, power supply transformers, relay drive circuits, and relay power supplies for the left and right channels
  • ・A configuration in which each of the three GNDs, the left and right GNDs and the control system GND, is completely floating
  • ・A large 280VA single-sided non-impregnated toroidal transformer is used for the analog power transformer. Equipped with a super-strong power transformer with a total capacity of 600VA including the control system transformer
  • ・A chassis that eliminates unnecessary vibrations with three spikes that are directly connected to the three power transformer bases.
  • ・Prevents harmful leakage flux from leaking into the circuit by making the transformer mounting direction perpendicular to the board.
  • ・Flexible volume control is possible by double bearing & flywheel type optical rotary encoder
  • ・Multiple units can be linked by UART communication

Main specifications of P-3

  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.0015% (1.5Vrms)
  • Frequency range: 2Hz to 1MHz (±3.0dB)
  • Residual noise: 13μV (20kHz L.P.F.)
  • Maximum output: 21Vrms
  • Maximum gain: 11dB
  • Power supply voltage: AC100V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Dimensions: W454×H170×D430mm
  • Mass: About 25kg
  • Accessories: spike receiving board, spike, remote control, power cable