This new (12.000 CHF) puristic step-up transformer has been developed for the X-quisite cartridge technology specifically and provides the best possible performance by matching the cartridge in all aspects: magnetically, electrically, and mechanically. The magnetic circuit of this transformer has been optimized regarding eddy current and hysteresis loss in order to provide the best properties to the unique ceramic transducer in combination with a tube pre-amplifier. Because of the physical properties of the advanced core material, such design is possible only with high material cost and manufacturing effort.

The transformers are built into a painted wooden case or in a massive walnut-case as an option.

Gain:                         +26 dB (1:20)

Wire:                         Silver 4N

Core:                         Extreme low loss alloy

Ground options:   Input Cold / Floating / Center Tap

Case:                         Painted wood (option: solid walnut)

Size:                          200x160x80mm