A few photos of the Siltech Symphony flagship loudspeakers taken by our friends from Listening Matters at Siltech headquarters partnered with Mola Mola, Grimm Audio, DiDiT, and Siltech interlinks. This fully active speaker system (without any DSP) has been designed from the ground up to offer minimum distortion at maximum SPL by using many unique materials and approaches.


  • 5 way filter with excellent impulse response.
  • 17Hz-100.000Hz (-3dB)
  • Selection switch for bass direction (Cardioid or bipolar) to adapt room position. 
  • Selection switch for Ribbon or Diamond tweeter
  • Overall THD distortion < 0.25% 20Hz-20kHz SPL max 115dB non clipping
  • Net Weight Bass/Mid/Top: Net 150/35/22kg 
  • Dimensions without base WxDxH 70cm x 80cm x 190cm 
  • Loudspeaker width 51cm