A set of each Tungsten Grooves W70-H33 and W70-H47 Vibration Isolation Feet has just arrived at Mono and Stereo. These patented high-end accessories have been designed by Paul Fowler from the ground up to neutralize micro-vibrations from components and the environment. Each Tungsten Grooves isolation foot is precision-engineered using premium materials that have been carefully refined over three years of product development. 

So, how do they work!?

Tungsten is a very dense non-magnetic metal that has been long revered for its vibration absorbing properties being used in everything from aircraft wings to rivet guns for its dampening effect.

Tungsten Grooves has fine tuned the alloy composition for the end plates. Leading to what they now consider to be the best balance of opening up the sound stage whilst improving other characteristics such as warmth and base.

The central aircraft grade stainless steel chamber is filled with a fine tungsten powder where the particles are carefully calibrated for size that absorb vibration across a wide range of frequencies leveraging a phenomenon known as particle dampening.

Stay tuned, more will follow. Below you see the first photos of the smaller W70-H33 feet.