Grzegorz Gierszewski, Albedo Silver CEO, designer and owner of the company writes: "Due to the upcoming 25th Anniversary of our cable making journey under the ALBEDO-SILVER name, we wanted to mark it by making something REALLY special, something that not only celebrates this milestone through the creation of a unique and exclusive product but something that would also have a symbolic meaning. We are looking to build something that links who we were in the past and who we have now become after a quarter of a century of dedication and commitment to building the best audio cables within our capability - rather fitting for a company which creates products for making beautiful connections!" 

"This is a very emotional and touching landmark to be very honest with you.  This venture was never purely about just making a living (although obviously that was a part of the reason for building a truly artisan business), but was far more a labour of love in the pursuit of the best sound reproduction possible.

As often happens in life some of the best things often come about by pure chance, but even luck sometimes needs a helping hand.  In 1996 I ordered two runs of the purest silver I could afford to be gold coated. The job was entrusted to The State Mint, which was the only authority in Poland back then which controlled the purity of the materials and was authorised by the government to undertake such a commission for anybody. We got absolutely amazing results from those samples, but due to the technical and commercial limitations of our business at that time, along with not being able to guarantee the continuity of supply of the raw material and the consistency of the production of the resulting cables, we reluctantly had to discontinued the project.

Last year we moved our factory into our new premises and, having done so, we also moved our precious treasure in its armoured safe into our new venue. This is when I found that time-capsuled material from 1996 and the idea formed in my mind for using it for our strictly limited edition 25TH ANNIVERSARY creation. This will be a truly exclusive, special run product since the amount of raw material we have on hand will be enough only for 25 pairs of interconnects in total: 23 pairs of 1 metre interconnects and 2 pairs of 1,5 metre interconnects. Once they gone, there will be NO MORE! 

The #Albedo25thAnniversary series will be available at the beginning of 2021. Stay tuned here to watch how the story unfolds and how the dream that I had in the past will  became a reality TODAY."