Warming the tubes up at G Point Audio. The impressive system starts with Ideon Absolute stack getting out to the Silvercore TWO preamp via Skogrand Cables Beethoven ICs. Also in between the stack components there is a mix of Skogrand Cables Beethoven USB and David Laboga Custom Cables Ruby USB. Vinyl source is JSikora Reference with KV12 TA and AT Art 1000 MC cart goes to Silvercore's Phono TWO and then the pre all via Albedo Silver Monolith ICs. TA is also wired with an Albedo monocrystaline Ag. 

Amps are fed by High Wave XLRs by David Laboga again, and the spekers cables and jumpers we used on the end of the chain are from Pure Silver Connection Pristine R50s range, the latest incarnation of those exquisite cables.