The all new and upcoming (from US$8995) JAVA ‘Double Shot’ integrated amplifier combines of LDR pre-amp stage and GaN FET power modules in the new JAVA integrated amplifier is a match made in audio heaven.

Experience unparalleled audio quality

With a resolute focus on using innovative technology and new manufacturing processes, the JAVA Hi-Fi range of audio components reproduces music with extraordinary realism.

Subtle new details are revealed in familiar pieces of music, while voices and instruments are presented with a rich and life-like tone. Music flows effortlessly from the speakers, enveloping the listener in a broad and deep soundstage that takes you direct to the heart of the musical performance.

Designed for life

Although exceptional audio performance is at the core of the JAVA Hi-Fi range, it is the unique combination of cutting-edge technology and clean, uncluttered aesthetics that truly sets JAVA Hi-Fi apart.

Referencing mid-century design and the golden analogue age of the 1950’s – 1960’s, the outer casework on all JAVA models is CNC machined from a solid block of laminated birch plywood, then overlaid with luxury real wood veneers.


  • 400 watts/8 ohms (800 watts/4 ohms)
  • LDR pre-amp stage and eGaN FET power amp stage
  • Fully balanced dual mono topology  
  • 3 x pairs of XLR line-level inputs
  • 2 x pairs of XLR outputs (fixed and variable)
  • High-resolution DAC (USB and coaxial S/PDIF inputs)
  • MM phono stage (RCA inputs)
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • 1 x headphone output
  • Remote control for volume and source selection
  • Neutrik XLR connections
  • ETI Research speaker binding posts
  • Neotech internal wiring
  • Solid 4mm anodised aluminium front panel
  • CNC-machined birch ply outer case with luxury real wood veneers
  • Innovative inverted PCB assembly for vibration and resonance control of audio circuit
  • Dimensions: 44 cm x 40 cm x 13 cm (w/d/h)
  • Weight: 10.6kgs (23.4 lbs)

Colour Options

Casework finishes

The casework of all JAVA models is available in four different finishes: ‘BLACK’, ‘EBONY’, ‘WHITE’ or ‘DARK WALNUT’

Front panel finishes

The front panel of all JAVA models is available in three different finishes: ‘BLACK’, ‘SILVER’, or ‘COPPER’

Customers can also specify either a HIGH GLOSS or SATIN MATT finish.