Mundorf MCoil DrumCore have been developed for applications for which compact dimensions, the lowest possible internal resistance and a great value for money are of key importance. The audio quality of these coils is a convincing blend of the typical harmo-niously-neutral sound of solid core copper round-wire and the natural vitality and enhanced tonal dynamic. The all-new LH styles add the unique sound character of baked OFC Hepta Strand wire, which is same times very detailed and silky, to the superb core features.


  • Wire: OFC-Copper 0,5mm, 0,71mm, 1,0mm, 1,25mm, 1,40mm, 1,80mm & 7x0,45mm (litz wire)
  • Core material: Ferrite
  • Feature: blank or baked wire treatment
  • Value: 0,39mH - 47mH