Lukasz Fikus from LampizatOr writes: "Already fourth product in our phono vinyl lineup, SUT-A is an amorphous step up transformer. It represents the highest quality transformer, wound on the top level amorphous metal core. Every smallest detail, responsible for sound quality, has been maximized without compromise. We wanted to create an unique product, not just a SUT with input and output, so we added the convenience features that nobody on the market offers with their SUT’s. The resulting device is beautiful, great sounding, and packed with extras that make a perfect compliment for the existing MM phono stages with which it must operate to create a complete vinyl setup."

Key highlights:

  • MC compatibility with most of low to normal output MC cartridges
  • stereo transformers in one box
  • ultra low noise design with 3 layer shielding
  • super advanced PCB technology with 4 layer design and full shielding
  • zero vibration design 10 mm copper platform with extra layer of EMC and RFI shielding
  • 5 selectable MC loading impedances - user-switchable on the flight (without pops)
  • Possibility of custom order input impedance for particular cartridge
  • cool NIXIE display for load setting identification
  • muting function for needle cleaning, headshell change or simply arm cue in on the record.
  • principle of operation: passive step up signal transformer, no tubes.
  • MM phono compatibility (next amplification/RIAA unit): 47k Ohm input/output.(tubed as well as solid state).

Technical specs:

  • Voltage amplification ratio:  8 or 16, factory selectable by order. Default  = 16
  • Number of load settings: 5
  • Load defaults: 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 Ohms
  • Power supply: user selectable 115/230(240) V AC @ 10 Watts
  • Box dimensions [W x H x D ] 430  x 130 x 330 [mm]
  • Net weight / shipping gross : 6 kg / 9 kg
  • Available front colors: anodized black, anodized satin silver, champagne, custom RAL