New original design and technology solution developed by Lector strumenti audio for Grounding box Model One (4900 EUR). The design is based on a large, low-noise anamorphic capacitor, built-in our laboratory, with a large copper plate and a round copper disk, mounted on a cover plate above a column. The ground capacitor is insulated by an aluminum case and sealed with silicon tablets to reduce moisture. Model one ground box provides low noise ground connection (GND-Earth) for better and optimal interface audio devices. 

The products are supplied with five ground connections with internal passive electrical circuits to reduce the ground loop.

Audio systems get a big improvement with an ideal ground connection according to model one: better resolution, lower residual noise, clean audio spectrum.

Grounding box Model One uses a 2 cm thick, real wooden box.


- Litz cable for connection to audio system by RCA connector (2 m) 

- Litz cable for connection to audio ground by clamp (2 m)

- optional cone spike

- optional cable with various electric terminalal on request

- max dimension : 30 (L) x 35 (D) x 16 (H) cm