I have been asked time and again what future incoming product I am most excited about. Here you have it... The Aries Cerat Essentia power amplifiers from the Ianus series. These most unique amplifiers touch my urge for purism and Stavros Danos has discovered something highly unique and simplified (but not simple) with the TriodeFet active element. The Essentia design is not only Single Ended but also a Single Stage amplifier and there is no driver stage and no input stage!

Only recently, Danos was able to eventually implement this simple topology because it was finally possible to use an active element that had the specifications required for this purpose: extremely high linearity, high voltage gain, high current gain, and very high input impedance.

The Essentia uses only one TriodeFet stage, which is directly fed and used as a simple SE amplifier with a power of 40W (8 ohms) per channel. As a genuine SOTA SE tube amplifier, it can deliver more current and is maintenance-free. The internal tube used for curve creation is designed for a lifetime of 10,000 hours, and its unique single-stage nature means that it is as transparent in sound as possible.

I think this is enough preliminary insights and date to make many of you super excited too. 

There is a chance that Essentia will be on test and review by the end of the year!! Cross your fingers. I've already super perplexed mine :). 

Stay tuned...

Matej Isak