95 Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition (approximately 10.000 EUR) turntable will will be available in B&O European shops at the end of October. The original iconic turntable which set the standard for all record players that came after is reimagined for contemporary use. Launched in the 1970s, the Beogram 4000 series turntables defined the aesthetic of an era: becoming a classic with music lovers, collected by art museums and included in design history books. Its influence can still be seen and heard today. B & O wanted to revisit the Beogram to celebrate how – even as music and technology continue developing – there are unchanging values which make a product beautiful and unique. Values that have held true at Bang & Olufsen since 1925.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition sources 95 original units of this most iconic of turntables – marking our 95th year of creating remarkable experiences – restoring them for contemporary sound systems, while maintaining the timeless spirit at their core.

A Turntable. Recreated.

Each original Beogram has been worked on by a dedicated team of skilled engineers, technicians and craftspeople at our facilities in Struer, Denmark. Our experts clean, refurbish, update and fine-tune every single element of the record players by hand. 

Restoring the Beogram takes the same precision, care and passion as restoring any masterpiece: you want to reveal the true essence of the original creation, and renew the product to be experienced now and for decades to come.

STEP 1 - Disassembly and inspection

The Beogram 4000 series reimagining process begins by bringing the selected turntables back home to Struer, Denmark – the same facilities where they were created. Every Beogram is disassembled manually then thoroughly inspected to assess each unit’s needs.

STEP 2 - Refurbishment and restoration

Every single component of each Beogram is painstakingly cleaned. New parts are added – from the smallest screw and ball bearing to the drive belt – ensuring perfect functionality. Once this process is complete, each Beogram is individually tested then fine-tuned until we know it will achieve the precision performance we demand from all of our products.

STEP 3 - Recreation and upgrade

We then create new design elements – from the hand-crafted wooden frame to an updated finish on the minimalistic and intuitive control pad – to enhance the original beauty of the Beogram. Our final step is to upgrade the technology – installing a preamplifier and adding a new pickup cartridge – to make the Beogram easily integrate with contemporary home speaker setups.

SOUND - The Beogram as a listening experience

Times change, the way we listen to music changes, but the beauty of refined sound and powerful music will never change. Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition has been updated with a built-in preamplifier to make it fully integrate with all contemporary home sound systems. This means that it’s easy to plug in the Beogram 4000c and immediately immerse yourself in the unique, warm analogue sound of vinyl.

TONEARM - Innovative looks, innovative technology

The innovative tangential tonearm was striking in its day, and part of the reason the original Beogram was an instant classic. But it wasn’t for looks. The way the tonearm was built made it able to play vinyl at an angle that was as close as possible to the way the record was cut. This made it truthful to the original recording, staying honest to the artist’s intentions.

DESIGN - Fits into your home

The Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition refreshes and complements the original look and feel of the record player: the original aluminium has been polished and anodised to allow the material to glow. The crafting of a wooden frame adds warmth and intimacy to the touch. The addition of a new cover accentuates the Beogram as an elegant, subtle object in your living space.

Using Beogram today

The original design team created the Beogram 4000 series back in the 1970s to be as obsolescence-proof as possible, leaving space in the internal product architecture for future technology upgrades. 

Skip to the present, and the team reimagining the Beogram 4000c has taken advantage of that future-thinking by building in an RIAA pre-amplifier, meaning the turntable can easily be integrated with all home speaker setups using a wired, line-level signal on two RCA phono plugs or 3.5mm line signal wired connection.