Our friend Greg Drygala from G Point Audio writes: “Today we have got sth special in our hands. Limited Edition of 12 pairs ONLY speakers, called VINTAGE and hand made by one of our favourite partners & artisan suppliers Mr. Eryk Smolski, the main driving force behind the ErykSConcept brand.”

“These are N*2, when the N*1s are already owned by Mr. J.Sikora, so it speaks for itself. I am sure after late yesterday session that those are simply keepers, so 10 pairs out of 12 are still available for the folks worldwide. If you are a  vintage Snells fan, you gonna love those, if you never heard one you better do as it is something which goes beyond the price vs. quality ratio. Anyway, as always with ErykS' creation the above factor is simply SKYrocketing, and as always again the price is more than modest for such unique and limited build with not just sound to die for, but also with the Look, to fall in love with. Didn't I already say: as always with ErykS.”