The Balanced Audio Technology company presents a long-awaited integrated tube amplifier. BAT VK80i is characterized by a fully balanced architecture, which makes it's sound immediately positively different from the competition. The neat, industrial design is based on the flagship REX 3 system and includes many technological improvements introduced for the first time in this series. 

The BAT VK80i is a plug-and-play amplifier and uses the same as the REX 3 power amplifier, fuse-free short-circuit / thermal protection, and automatic bias circuitry for the output tubes. The VK80i is simply a beautiful looking, wonderful sounding, easy to use integrated tube amplifier.

The VK80i uses the 6C33C-B triode on the output, which allows it to deliver 55W of power per channel to the speakers. The 6C33C-B tube is very efficient and offers many times greater efficiency than the 6550 / KT90 tetrode version, which is used in most traditional integrated tube amplifiers. By using the same high-current triode 6C33C-B as the flagship REX 3 Power amplifier, the VK80i integrated provides the high current efficiency required to drive difficult, low-impedance loudspeakers. The fully balanced construction of the triodes ensures a natural reproduction of the timbre and texture of the harmonic instruments. Thanks to this, recordings will sound more lively, more subtle, and detailed.

In the event of an overload on the output tube, simply turn the VK80i off and on again to restore normal operation. By eliminating internal fuses, you can play more freely and play music more naturally. The sound is not limited by the quality of the fuse, which is located in the amplifier signal path. After the first hearing, you'll agree that the lack of fuses is indeed the best solution.

The advanced technology used in the VK80i eliminates the "headache" of users of traditional tube amplifiers, associated with the constant need to set the correct bias for the output tubes. The VK80i features intelligent, automatic bias control that adapts to mains voltage changes and tube aging, with each output tube having its dedicated circuit. The circuit also ensures that the VK80i sounds great in the first few minutes of listening.

The fuse-free protection circuit and automatic bias regulation of the high-current output tubes (6C33C-B) is an example of advanced engineering derived from BAT reference products. As a result, the integrated VK80i tube amplifier offers a spectacular sound with deep bass, clear midrange, crystal high tones, high power, and power dynamics that have made BAT one of the most respected brands in high-end audio.