Noob Technology is slowly revealing their complex turntable project named Heretic 1. Image above shows the decoupled direct drive. The philosophy of The Heretic 1 project: “Instead of trying to compensate for the mechanical shortcomings of the Record, we decided to "tame" the record first, so that the other components, especially the Tonearm and the Cartridge, can do their work more easily- read: giving a better performance! This has resulted in the Heretic 1, a turntable with a couple of world firsts and some very nice re-boots of abandoned features."

The Decoupled Direct Drive highlights

  • 4 small super quiet stepper motors drive the main shaft
  • The motors are symmetrically connected by short toothed belts
  • This unloads the main bearing of all angular belt pull
  • No slippage of belts possible- RPM motors=RPM Platter
  • Belt stretching minimized, while still damping motor vibrations
  • Programmed quick start and stop- 10 sec to 33 RPM

In case you are wondering: the coppery bits are the main bearings of the Heretic 1 turntable- more hardware will be revealed soon!