Silver Audio Design Grand opera flagship horn acoustic system with plasma high-frequency radiator Grand Opera was designed to offer the best possible sound in large interiors. This speaker system has a grandiose sound and dimensions (1300x1324x2800mm). This top model of the series will convey the full scale of the symphony orchestra, the best opera houses, and concerts. Recommended for building home theaters and stereo systems of the highest level.


Music is an important part of life at all times, it is a special form of energy that enriches the inner world, fills with emotions, and can make changes in us. Audio equipment appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and gradually evolved. There are countless options for building audio systems, but few are capable of giving the listener the perfect sound. Diverse areas of sound reproduction put forward different requirements for audio equipment and force the developer to look for unique technical solutions in each of them. At the end of the 20th century, a term such as High-End appears, which personifies a new high-quality level of audio technology. 

"There are no standards in this class, it does not strive to achieve any artificial "measurable" parameters only indirectly related to sound quality; this technique is Art. In this class, there are no restrictions either on cost or on the difficulty of implementation: everything is sacrificed for the sake of sound. Often this equipment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and weighs hundreds of kilograms.

The long-term path of research and experiments, as well as creative inspiration, allowed us to form our unique concept of building High-End audio systems. The developed series of High-End audio equipment has no world analogs and is divided into several classes, differing in sound quality and cost. This equipment is intended for building stereos and home theaters of the highest level and includes tube amplifiers, horn acoustic systems, plasma high-frequency radiators.