Ana Mighty Sound writes: "Last Thursday, we held one of our Ana Mighty Vinyl Dinner. Covid19 allowed us to host only 8 guests, among them was Rumen Artarski, Thrax CEO… and he did not came empty handed. Just after the fabulous review of the Yatrus turntable in French reference HiFi magazine Haute-Fidélité, the Thrax Libra preamp was an evidence."

"We had the chance to introduce for the first time the Thrax Libra preamp at Haute-Fidélité show in Paris 2019. If the most visible feature of the Libra preamp is his four 300B tubes, there are much more remarkable features such has it’s ability to drive and adjust the gain for two power amps allowing the user to adjust finely these in order to bi-amplify his speakers.  A unique solution that allows you to combine a pair of Krell Evolution monoblocs for the bass and a Tenor Audio stereo power amp for the mediums and high, but also to copy your precious tapes with adjustment for both the input and output levels…

If the Libra preamp is a true Swiss knife, it is above all a fantastic performer that will allow you to enjoy your set-up to the maximum of its performances. A good example came when we presented the Thrax Libra on Friday to the reviewers of Haute-Fidélité magazine in combination with the Thrax Maximinus v2 DAC and Elpispandora Phoenix XLR cables. 

Moving from mono amplification via FM Acoustic stereo amp to bi-amplification with two FM Acoustic stereo amps on the PMC speakers allowed us to perceive and understand the unique qualities and features of the Thrax Libra. Bi-amplification of the PMC speakers via the Libra preamp allowed us to discover another level of performances of these speakers with extremely clean and extended bass response combined with a unique transparence and definition  as well a a ultra-realistic and holographic soundstage. 

More about these experiences in the next issue of Haute-Fidélité magazine… 

Last but not least… can you notice another Thrax equipment in this picture? It is brand new and also listenable in our Parisian showroom…"