Interesting insight about the Wilson Audio WITT speaker. "WITT was designed around a massive enclosure utilizing proprietary polymer materials technology. The enclosure material exhibits excellent internal damping and a correct mechanical impedance match to the frames of the drivers. Additional mechanical tuning is provided by rigid cross-bracing. The acoustical tuning of the low-frequency system is modeled after the quasi-forth order Butterworth response, which provides linearity in the upper-bass (without the usual mid-bass hump) with superior transient performance. The crossover network uses multiple slopes to achieve acoustical phase linearity. "

"Minimum energy/time-storage behavior in the crossover is achieved by using only the finest audio-grade propylene capacitors, OFC air-core inductors, and time coherent wire. The components are matched to better than 0.1 % tolerance. The drivers were selected because of their frequency response linearity, impulse stability, and most importantly, their intrinsic musical quality."