The high-end audio industry is well aware of the performance difference that high-end audio cables can offer. While some pro-audio studios have adopted high-performance audio cables, this is not exactly standard. Acoustic Revive is one of the rare high-end audio companies that successfully works with the pro-audio industry. Many studio engineers, professional musicians, and recording studios already use cables and accessories from Acoustic Revive.

For example... Slingbaum, who recently caused a stir with his Slingbaum One debut, featuring mind-boggling diversity collaborations ranging from jazz legend Ahmad Jamal to controversial FKA Twigs, uses Acoustic Revive cables for mixing and mastering. Mr. Ken Ishiguro's contribution was recognized as one of the producers of this project.

HighBreedMusic is another label/studio that utilizes cables and accessories from Acoustic Revive. Their latest release of the album by the renowned jazz trumpet player Keyon Harrold is throughout connected with cables from Acoustic Revive. 

Why this is interesting for audiophiles and music lovers!? Most of the modern music is mixed with Pro Tools system and one can image how the DigiLink cable that contains as many as 26 conductors in a single thin cable can alter the sound. 

ACOUSTIC REVIVE has examined not only the performance of conductors, but also insulation materials, cushioning materials, shields and sheaths and developed their ACOUSTIC REVIVE Pro Tools cable that uses the "PC-Triple C" conductor which has a continuous lateral direction crystal structure created by a forging manufacturing method. This creates very high conductivity and by adopting it as a single wire, you can also prevent any stray current which interferes with signal transmission.

In the past, there were cables for Pro Tools that unnecessarily emphasized high frequencies. However, ACOUSTIC REVIVE's cables for Pro Tools have a stable, flat and wide range response, and also have extremely accurate phase characteristics. Digi Link achieves overwhelming S/N ratio, transparency, three-dimensional sound image expression, and extremely accurate phase characteristics that can revolutionize the concept of Pro Tools sound.

DAW's Pro Tools are currently employed by the majority in the recording industry. In addition, DigiLink Cable is the only cable involved in both recording and playback when using Pro Tools. While it is commonplace to use a standard cable of the Pro Tools system, Acoustic Revive asked many studios and musicians to provide feedback information about which elements of the sound they would like improving. Acoustic Revive took this valuable information into account when developing the Digi Link series. The result is a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

This Digi Link cable was born after one and half years of research and testing in production. We have developed three types of cables with different terminals for all Pro Tools users.