Daniele Coen from Alsyvox shares interesting insights into what makes the Alsyvox CARAVAGGIO and MICHELANGELO speakers so special and unique. 


1. For the first time ever we make 4 ways ribbon design. This means that the acoustical behavior of each way is specialized in its own frequency range and it is the best possible: no compromise in terms of frequency response, phase, SPL, distortion and dispersion!

2. The mid-range is a patent pending design that is using 2 parallel ribbons 37.5mm wide (75mm in total). They are moving in a very constant magnetic field that allows 17mm peak to peak stroke. This huge ribbon is responsible for the most important range of frequencies from 500Hz to 1500Hz

The 4 Ways in CARAVAGGIO

3. A very important principle behind the new design is that no transducer covers more than 2-3 octaves as the width needed to couple the diaphragm to the air and to give enough dispersion do not allow more than that: this is simply physics.

4. External crossover networks are used to allow the choice of big and high quality components without space compromise.

5. The crossover units are made with CNC machined solid aluminum blocks to get the best isolation of each component from external and internal interference, both electromagnetic and mechanical. They are designed following a patent pending under the property of Omega Audio Concepts and they are made using their know how


aluminum external crossovers CARAVAGGIO + SUB

Black Acrylic (optional) External Crossovers Caravaggio
 Black Acrylic (optional) External Crossovers Caravaggio

6. Caravaggio is using a 4 way design using 1 woofer 320x1680mm, 1 midrange 75x1680mm, 1 tweeter 25x1680mm and 1 super-tweeter 5x1680mm; each channel has its own external solid aluminum crossover unit by Omega Audio Concepts and special umbilical cables made by Omega Audio Concepts (black color is standard).

7. An additional sub-woofer panel for each channel can be added in wider rooms (more than 6.5m). They come with their dedicated aluminum crossovers.

8. Michelangelo is a Caravaggio with two additional woofer panels per channel. Each with its own external crossover unit. The additional bass panels can be bought separately. It needs very wide rooms (7.5m minimum) and about 100sqm