In January I wrote a report on the installation of the Alsyvox Botticelli X Planar loudspeakers at the Taiko Audio Headquarters by Daniele Coen of Alsyvox, you can read about it here. Fast forward 6 months and Daniele Coen returns, this time to install his top model, the Alsyvox Caravaggio. The Caravaggio adds dual 37mm wide midrange ribbons creating a 4-way system and has a 20% larger woofer surface area over the 3-way Botticelli. 

As Taiko Audio was planning to move to a larger facility end of the year he also installed the optional Caravaggio subwoofers which can be added to reinforce low frequency output in very large rooms from 80m2 and up. This system can be even further extended adding yet another pair of subwoofers to create a massive 6 panel system for extremely large rooms from 100m2 and up. Adding subwoofers also raises the system sensitivity from 94dB to 95dB and 96dB respectively. 

Here are some photos of this event:

Above, from left to right, Daniele Coen of Alsyvox, Chrisoph Zander and Emile Bok of Taiko Audio.

The system displayed here consists of the Taiko Audio Extreme music server in front, Alieno pre amplifier on the left, Alieno power amplifier in the middle, Lampizator Pacific DAC on the right,  and Audionet Heisenberg monoblock amplifiers on the rear left and right.

Daniele Coen of Alsyvox.