APURNA Carmina loudspeakers at Audio Concept. The 3-way passive floor-standing speakers, that were introduced last year at the Munich High-End audio show feature an unprecedented energy management approach, the latter being based on the disruptive technology CARS™ - Composite Apurna Resonance System, a registered trademark. By means of a 30mm multi-layer composite shell, coupled to 3 solid copper bass-reflex ports, this avant-garde technological innovation allows a carefully controlled elasticity of the cabinet construction.

The energy created by the movement of the two Ø 26cm bass drivers is effectively absorbed, removing the harmful effect of standing waves inside the speakers, making the speaker cabinet far less prone to sound coloration, without any deformation.

The low-end is tight and fast; Even the lowest frequency register is ultra-realistic, without any dragging or “barrel” effect.

The CARS™ process permits the energy from the mid-range / tweeter energy to evolve in an isolated enclosure, equipped with a specific coupling system that separates it from the bass-reflex chamber. Design wise, the MTM configuration is seemingly suspended in transparency, surrounded by a luminous halo; a built-in ambient lightening system with adjustable colours and intensity. (*)

Enhanced by these technical innovations, the CARMINA speakers function in "full body", ensuring tonal balance over the entire frequency spectrum.

A sensitivity of 93 dB / 1W / 1m and an extended bandwidth provide an impressive High-Fidelity listening experience and a capture crisp stereo image.

Around the rear, the CARMINA speakers are equipped with 4 WBT-0702.01 24-carat gold-plated terminal blocks, allowing to use CARMINA in a bi-amplified system; one pair for the woofer part and one for the mid-range / tweeter part.

These slender, 1.75 m tall columns sit on 4 solid stainless-steel stands, which can be individually adjusted.

Developed in accordance with the stylistic signature APURNA™, these elegant and refined CARMINA speakers offer endless, bespoke finish combinations, available in all RAL chart colours.