Some more insights about the legendary and iconic B&W Nautilus speakers from our friend Jake Purches. "How it all began - for Laurence 'Dic' Dickie. I took his portrait photo in the winter of 1991 at 'Heathside', the home of Robert Trunz who  then was owner and President of Bowers and Wilkins Loudspeakers, not long after John Bowers had died. Here Dickie is reclining next to his prototype 'Nautilus' Loudspeaker (affectionately known as 'Brian'). This is about 2 years before the production 'Nautilus’."

"The Prototype featured in a surprise presentation behind veils for a select crowd during B&W's 25th Anniversary. It was fabulous, although limited - as 'Brian' here has the Bass driver from the 801, which proved not to be strong enough, due to the boost required from the active power. This speaker ultimately is the Great Grandfather of today's Vivid Audio Loudspeakers for which Dickie founded with Philip Guttentag, and Robert Trunz. This photo is a scan from the magazine article, I have the original somewhere in the archive."