BORG.AUDIO DUNE & WARP ROON READY joins the Roon Ready family. We are proud to announce that dune and warp are the first of the product line by to be Roon Ready. These dual mono - fully balanced preamplifiers with 256 steps R2R pure analog volume controls are much more than what meets the eye. They are also UPnP media players, with native DSD compatibility, streamers, highly complex recorders with USB DAC functionality and optional extremely high performance phono stages.

Furthermore, with every pre-order of dune or warp we will include a complimentary 1 year Roon subscription and 1 year subscription to either Qobuz (Studio Premier) or Tidal (HiFi) 
(limited time offer, please contact us for conditions)

Driven by a twin mono Sabre ES9038PRO setup, dune and warp will seduce even the most demanding audiophiles.

The interface reveals numerous features that become a pleasant surprise as the user explores the very complex and at the same time simple and versatile functionality. We have designed it in such a way that anyone can master our products with ease.

Every detail was meticulously taken care of during manufacturing, from the very strict selection of flawless aluminum blocks used to craft the massive unibody to the optical crystal used to protect the amoled display.

Due to the selection of only the best components and a thorough x-ray inspection of each pcb and every soldering, we are able to back our products with a 5 year warranty.

Please visit our web site where we will soon be listing our distributors and dealers. 
Inquiries for distribution and dealerships are welcome.

Who we are GmbH is based in Nuremberg, Germany.

We are a group of friends, from several countries, all true audiophiles.

Driven by our common passion for audio and for quality, we decided to design and manufacture what we imagined the ultimate audio preamplifiers, players, recorders and amplifiers should be.

Our goal is to preserve the feeling and the quality of the good old analog gear, but at the same time in line with the best of modern technology.

We trust that any of our new customers will become our new friend.