Perfect sound has always been the ultimate goal of all High-Fidelity-Furniture from FalkenOhr. The new, immediately available product lines guarantee a highly dynamic and precise sound in every version. They all use the unique 3D/1O technology.

3D/1O technology

For FalkenOhr, a crucial element in recreating a live performance is to channel the micro-vibrations of the electronics as specifically as possible while reducing damping to a minimum. The innovative connections between the FalkenOhr-Aluminum/MDF- Compound-shelves and their stands are designed to be three times damping and one time conductive. This defines the 3D/1O technology. It enables the micro-vibration and voltage induced in one shelf by the Hi-Fi-Electronics to be dissipated without affecting the other shelves and their electronics. This principle has been further optimized in the newly completed product series 118, 317, 516 SL, and 516. All models are available in “Pure Line” and “Genium Line”, i.e. with or without an integrated installation area for cabling.

Detailed info for each line:

THE 118
THE 317
THE 516 SL
THE 516