There are many variations of the MM cartridges, but MM input of phono preamplifiers has an impedance of 47kOhms and a fixed load capacity. As such vintage MM, mono, and high output level MC pickups do not fit well, sometimes resulting in unwanted distortion and rough sound. The Aurora Sound AFE-10 MM passive expander can adjust the appropriate resistance, load impedance, and capacitance to match the performance of these cartridges.


1. The appropriate load impedance of resistance and capacitance for the MM cartridge, brings out its potential performance. 
2. This load impedance select is effective for not only MM, VM, MI, and IM type cartridges, but also high output level MC cartridges. 
3. Listening to a monaural LP disk by stereo cartridge, the mono position cancels the vertical vibration and picks up the lateral only. This reduces unnecessary vertical signal, then makes powerful and very-low noise mono sound. 
4. In the case of some monaural cartridge, headshell and cable wiring may introduce hum noise due to ground loop. GND lift switch will cut the ground loop and take off the humming noise. 
5. Load impedance adjustment is effective for Step Up transformer of MC cartridge, too. 
6. Large size MUTE button is convenient when the record is changed. 
7. MUTE button is effective to degauss both Step Up transformer of MC cartridge and MC cartridge same time. 
8. This step-up employs precision and high-reliability rotary switch of measurement system. Use 1% grade TAKMAN metal foil resistors and WIMA film capacitors parts. 


1. To obtain the correct number of resistance, connect to MM input of the phono stage amplifier with 47kohm load impedance. 
2. There is no need to worry about the capacitance value of the phono stage preamplifier. This MM Expander just adds the capacitance value as indicated.