Just three days left before the official debut of LampizatOr's all-new flagship phono stage. The LampizatOr vinyl MC2-SILVER feature silver wired SUT on an amorphous core, Telefunken NOS tubes, copper/wax capacitors, copper top chassis, and all new uber-cool copper sub-chassis frame, milled by CNC from a 20 kg slab of solid copper for the ULTIMATE electromagnetic silence and an absolutely vibration free support of PCB, 360 degrees around the edge. 

MC2-SILVER  works with three arms simultaneously, MM, MC, mono, stereo, XLR, RCA. There are five selectable cartridge loads and a mute function. There is zero silicon in the signal path. 

MC2-SILVER comes with tube power supply, tube rectification, tube voltage regulation, four-layer PCB with gold traces and gold contacts, and dual gold earth screen over the entire surface as well as dual CLC filtering of anode supply.