Exciting news from Jord Groen. The new Pink Faun 2.16 ultra will be unveiled soon, and the review sample will arrive at Mono and Stereo in early 2021. “Here at Pink Faun we have an unwavering vision, commitment and dedication to continuously researching and developing hand crafted products, based on our philosophy: No Sound, Just Music. A year ago, in our quest to create the ultimate music server, we embarked on an ambitious research and development project, which has resulted in our enthralling 2.16 ultra.”

“We pursued this project with one core objective:

'To provide the music lover with a captivating, user friendly musical experience, which we believe will change the perception of what is possible from a digital playback source'.

We are now nearing the launch of our amazing 2.16 ultra, so please watch this space for more information.”