All new 15” Ellipticor! Somehow unexpected and interesting new driver from Scan-Speak. Built on the same principles as its smaller siblings 18WE and 21WE, its key features are an elliptically shaped voice coil and magnet gap. Combined with a large powerful SD AirCirc principle the 38WE/8582T00 woofer has high sensitivity, very low distortion, and extremely fast response to transients.

  • Key features:
  • Elliptical voice coil and motor structure, thus minimizing circular cone break-up modes.
  • SD AirCirc magnet system with 12 powerful neodymium magnets providing a powerful control of the transducer’s behavior.
  • Linear suspension with coated multi-roll fabric surround.
  • Black anodized aluminium décor ring, for sleek appearance without any visible mounting screws.

The 38WE offers outstanding bass performance. Due to its light rigid paper cone, low-loss-linear-suspension and a very powerful magnet system the combination of sensitivity (SPL) and dynamic transient response is unusual for a big, low distortion high-end woofer. In a multiway loudspeaker system this woofer offers an attack and a presence in the low frequency range seldom heard from a driver this size.